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Puzzle #24755
Puzzle #24755Puzzle #24755Puzzle #24755Puzzle #24755Puzzle #24755

Puzzle #24755



"a whimsical forest scene with towering trees reaching towards a sky filled with colorful hot air balloons. The trees have intricately carved doors, windows, and staircases, reminiscent of an enchanted fairy tale forest. Sunlight filters through the leaves, casting dappled shadows on the forest floor where small woodland creatures like rabbits, squirrels, and birds play. The hot air balloons are of various shapes and sizes, each painted with vibrant patterns and designs, adding a sense of wonder and magic to the scene. The art style should be inspired by classic storybook illustrations with a touch of surrealism, capturing the imagination and inviting viewers to get lost in this mystical world. The image should be viewed from a bird's eye perspective to showcase the lush canopy and the whimsical details of the forest below."


Key Features

Vibrant Colors

The latest printing techniques provide bright and crisp colors matching your craziest designs

Paper box

The puzzle comes in a paper box with your artwork printed on the top

110, 252, 500 or 1014 perfect pieces

Choose between 110, 252, 500 or 1014 high-quality chipboard pieces with vibrant sublimated print

Glossy Finish

Full-color decoration on one side with laminated finish