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Haunting Revelry
Haunting RevelryHaunting RevelryHaunting RevelryHaunting RevelryHaunting Revelry

Haunting Revelry


Indulge in the eerie allure of Halloween with the "Haunting Revelry" puzzle. This image, designed to entice one into the ghostly festivities of a Halloween party, provides an atmospheric blend of ominous shadows and celebratory gleam, with an inviting space for text to detail your spooky soirée. As you venture through each puzzle piece, you'll piece together the enticing call of the unknown, the flicker of jack-o'-lantern grins, and the elusive whispers of the dark awaiting to be explored. This HD illustration encapsulates the playful yet eerie spirit of Halloween, offering a gateway into a night filled with whimsical horror and delightful fright. The juxtaposition of festive celebration against a haunting nocturnal backdrop renders this puzzle a delightful prelude to your Halloween adventure.

.: Material: 100% chipboard
.: 110, 252, 500 or 1014 piece options
.: Available in vertical or horizontal orientation
.: Glossy laminated finish

Key Features

Vibrant Colors

The latest printing techniques provide bright and crisp colors matching your craziest designs

Paper box

The puzzle comes in a paper box with your artwork printed on the top

110, 252, 500 or 1014 perfect pieces

Choose between 110, 252, 500 or 1014 high-quality chipboard pieces with vibrant sublimated print

Glossy Finish

Full-color decoration on one side with laminated finish