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"Picture Granny Mouse in the cozy, magical confines of her walnut shell-covered cottage, now deeply engrossed in her scholarly pursuits. Her work table is a hive of ancient knowledge, spread with scrolls and star charts that whisper secrets of the cosmos and forgotten spells. The gentle glow of candlelight and the moon shining through a window illuminate her focused expression and the intricate details of the scrolls and charts before her. Granny Mouse, still draped in her fluffy, silver-lined, hooded, floor-length cape in deep purple, leans over her work, her large silver rings glinting in the soft light as she traces the celestial patterns and ancient texts. The ambiance is one of quiet intensity and mystical discovery, as she seeks to unravel the mysteries of the stars and the ancient wisdom contained within her scrolls. This scene captures the essence of Granny Mouse's unending quest for knowledge and the serene beauty of her magical cottage at night.""