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"Create a custom puzzle featuring a vibrant and festive 20oz skinny steel tumbler design. The tumbler has a rich, dark background with a striking illustration of a black woman with curly afro hair, adorned in a red off the shoulder top festive attire, and surrounded by a magical array of twinkling stars and glowing Christmas lights. Words like 'GENEROUS', 'LOVING', 'MERRY', 'PEACEFUL', and 'JOYFUL' are elegantly displayed in a vertical fashion along the tumbler. The visual theme captures the spirit of the holiday season with warmth and elegance. The puzzle should reflect the intricacy of the design, with particular attention to the contrast of the bright festive elements against the dark backdrop, and the detailed jewelry and makeup of the woman. Aim for a puzzle that is not only visually appealing but also challenging enough to assemble, with a piece count that complements the complexity of the image."